Spring Ale:Spring Ale

The Purest Water:
Why was the brewery 2 miles out of town in a bush gully? The Brewery was built on the site of an incredibly pure rock-filtered spring with a steady flow of water second-to-none. As in 1888, it still flows today – you’re drinking it.

The Beer:
A traditional style ale created from the original wells of the Zig Zag Brewery.

Alc/Vol 4.5%


Oakey Park Ale:Oakey Park

The Hill Climb:
It wasn’t all beer and skittles at Zig Zag. In the 1920’s, the most famous owner of them all, Jackass Jones, was a major revhead. Even his wife, Vida, raced Alfa Romeos. Just beside the brewery in Oakey Park Jones hosted the most fearsome motorcycle hill climb in the state, rarely conquered.

The Beer:
With its crisp mountain spring water and refreshing citrus hop flavors comes a beer to enjoy all year round.

Alc/Vol 4.8%


Rams Head Stout:Rams Head Stout

The Prize:
Claude Terry’s mob came from around Yass. They’d won prizes for their stud merino rams. Claude didn’t actually get the Prize for Stout but, like a good stud ram himself, he set things up for a later generation. The Stout won “Best in Empire” in 1950 – under the name of “Terry’s Rams Head Stout”.

The Beer:
From the days of old comes a stout with deep roast and a full body flavor which is synonymous with the great Zig Zag Brewery.

Alc/Vol 7.0%


Mountain Bitter:Mountain Bitter

The Mountains:
At 950 meters altitude, the Zig Zag Brewery is one of the highest in Australia. Pure water, clean air, a peaceful environment and stunning rocky scenery inspired the brewers to excel themselves with this Bitter, the favored beer of Lithgow’s steel and railway workers in times gone by.

The Beer:
A traditional bitter with a crisp clean taste to leave you wanting more.

Alc/Vol 5.2%


Sparkling Light Ale:Sparkling Light Ale

Coalmining is Hard Work:
How come there’s a brewery in Lithgow? In the old days, coal was dug by hand in 12 hour shifts, deep underground – that’s hard work by any standard. Trouble was, a lot of that coal dust ended up in your throat! And there’s only one way to fix that. Zig Zag’s Sparkling Light Ale.

The Beer:
A beer that is full flavored and slightly over balanced with Australian hops for that hot summer day.

Alc/Vol 2.5%

All Zig Zag beer is bottle conditioned and aged leaving a natural sediment for you to enjoy.