Brisbane is the go-to place for craft beer. Check-out the following.

Three New Craft Breweries in Brisbane

Felons Brewing Co., Sea Legs and Soapbox Beer are three of the newest craft breweries in Brisbane. Felons Brewing Co., brewer, Tom Champion moved to Brisbane from Western Australia and became the chief brewer for Felons Brewing Co. Felons Brewery boasts a warehouse-style bar where patrons can observe the large 2500 litre tanks of craft beer. One of Felons beers is produced using 100% Australian hops and 100% Australian malt. The fastest-growing segment of the beer market in Australia is craft brewing.

Walking Trails to Taste Craft Beer

Some of the breweries in Brisbane have maps posted on the walls detailing walking trails for guests to taste as many Brisbane craft beers as they like. There are also specialty walking tours available. After a busy day taking walking, guests can relax back at one of the breweries and log into and enjoy some excitement playing a variety of the site’s great casino games.

Saopbox Beer

The two owners of Soapbox Beer began their passion for craft beer brewing at home and decided to turn it into a business. Guests can tour the brewery and watch the craft beer they are enjoying be created before their eyes. Soapbox Beer has produced 7 of their very own crafted beers.

Sea Legs

Sea Legs is an old tin shed brewery located in Kangaroo Point. Decorated with solid timber furniture, a high ceiling and a single wide bar. Kangaroo Point residents were once opposed to the brewery opening in their little town, but now line up outside Sea Legs before it even opens. Patrons of young and old enjoy a great meal and a cold craft beer in this cozy location where everybody knows everybody. During a Brisbane brewery tour, this is definitely a place to see.