The Brewing Process

Zig Zag Brewery Barley

1. The Malt

We start with the finest quality barley that has been malted via a process in which the grains are steeped just to the point of germination then gently roasted for varying times to produce a range of colours and complex flavours.

Zig Zag Brewery Roasted Barley

2. Mashing

Here we take our malted barley and run it through a grain mill to expose the enzymes that each individual grain contains. The grain is then steeped in hot water to convert the starches into sugars. The sticky sweet liquid produced is called wort and it is drained into the boiling kettle leaving the spent grains behind.

3. The Boil

We bring our wort to the boil then the hops are added. The hops give the wort bitterness which balances the sweetness and gives aroma and subtle tastes to the pallet of our lucky beer drinker.

4. Crash Chill

The wort passes through a chilling unit bringing it from boiling to 22 degrees, this is when the yeast is added.


5. Fermentation

At this stage the liquid is called beer. It is transferred into the fermentation tank. Inside this tank a magical thing takes place! The yeast we added begin to consume the sugar and the by-products of this are Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Alcohol. We ferment until all of the sugars have been converted then we bottle.

6. Bottling

We naturally ferment all our beer using the bottle conditioned method, this involves the beer aging in the bottle for up to 8 weeks, this a fully natural product with a small sediment at the bottom of the bottle.