Our website is designed to provide you with helpful and informative information about craft beer, breweries, brewery tours and beer tasting in Australia. Craft breweries are a consistently growing industry in Australia. There are many different craft breweries, some also have tasting rooms and bars so patrons can enjoy the special blends that the breweries create. Many have food menus as well, so you can enjoy great food and a cold craft beer.


The content contained in the blogs on our website is designed to give you some insight into the great industry of craft breweries. The following topics we have covered are:

  • The Growth of Craft Beer Breweries in Australia.
  • Running a Successful Craft Brewery in Australia.
  • The Best Craft Breweries in Melbourne.
  • The Popularity of Beer Tasting in Australia.
  • GABS Beer Tasting Festivals.
  • Self-Guided Brewery Tours in Australia.
  • Organised Brewery Tours in Australia.
  • Brisbane Is Becoming A Hot Spot For Craft Brewers.

Discover the best craft breweries Australia has to offer. Design your own self-guided tour with a few friends or take the leap and sign up for a day-long organised craft brewery tour with a reputable tour company. If you really enjoy craft beer tasting, the GABS Festival is a must. The GABS Festival in Brisbane is the largest of the three GABS Festivals in Australia, complete with an indoor Ferris Wheel. Craft beer tours and tasting has become just as popular if not more popular than wine tours and tasting. Why not try some of the trips that offer both so you can experience excellent craft beer and great wine in Australia.